EMC cable clamps
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The RLFZ range enables earthing and strain relief of up to 12 cables in a small space.
The combination of EMC shield earthing and strain relief is the key feature of this system.
There are 10 different carriers available which can be user configured with up to 12 SKL shield clamps.
The EMC shield clamps as listed below are available to mount:
SKL 1.5-3 | SKL 3-6 | SKL 6-8 | SKL 8-11

Designed for high density applications
Possibility to configure custom specific EMC clamp assemblies
Separate strain relief and EMC shielding
Online design tool for EMC Clamp assembly

Shield clamp type: Clamp assembly
Material shield clamp: Mild steel, galvanically zinc plated
Material multi support: Mild steel, galvanically zinc plated
Mounting type: Screw type mounting
Mounting location: Metal sheets
With strain relief

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