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Italy Metalsistem shelf

Italian Metalsistem shelf is composed of pillars, beams, laminates and so on. It is simple and fashionable, and is very suitable for indoor space.
-All metal, no paint, no formaldehyde, no odor, safe and environmental protection. Achieved a number of quality and safety certifications in Europe. Made of high strength galvanized steel and special mechanical -design of the structure skeleton, each layer of load-bearing up to 150 KG.
-Modularization: It can be assembled freely in different heights, lengths, widths and layers.
-Layers can adjust the interval and increase or decrease the number of layers according to the demand.
-No screw design, installation and disassembly more convenient. No solder joint, beautiful appearance.
-Antioxidant, not easy to rust, corrosion resistance, good cold resistance, fire protection.

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